Saturday, 27 August 2016

Goshawk at Blaendolau

At 6.15 this evening Chris Bird was in Morrisons car park when his attention was drawn to a flock of corvids causing a commotion over Blaendolau fields. He looked up to see a large female Goshawk, which then dropped down to the fields and out of sight.

Yesterday @ Ynyslas

Never thought I'd see Ynyslas SO busy! Guess it's Bank Hols syndrome...nonetheless with the lowest "High " tide ever , there were hundreds of Ringed Plovs and Dunlin out crouched amongst the stones by the old wreck. As for counting them...tee hee! It would have taken all day.

Castle Point

27 Ringed Plover and two Turnstones on the rocks at Castle Point when I arrived about eight this morning.
Lots of activity offshore: a fairly distant feeding raft of ca800 Manx Shearwaters constantly moving back and forth, with a few Gannets joining in.  Also, around 90 Black-headed Gulls and ca10 Kittiwakes.  I was fascinated to see two Bottle-nosed Dolphins swim slowly through a raft of  manxies, which seemed completely unperturbed.
Other odds and ends were four Shelduck heading south, a Fulmar and three Med Gulls,
The highlight was a dark morph Arctic Skua chasing a Kittiwake around the sky. a feeding strategy which has aptly been described as robbery with violence.
I was joined for the last 20 minutes or so by an unusual visitor; Andy James, who had been watching
a female Kingfisher feeding in the harbour.


There were 430 Med. Gulls at Llanon this morning.

Arctic Skuas at Aberystwyth

There was a gathering of terns and Kittiwakes off Aberystwyth yesterday afternoon, from which Chris picked out two Arctic Skuas.

Raptors at Pant Pool

Osprey at Pant Pond on Wednesday.  To-day (Friday)  there was an adult and very juvenile hobby over Pant Pond the juvenile was much younger than Cors Caron birds still bits of down on the plumage.
 David Price. 

Thursday, 25 August 2016

gannets….a word of caution!

Just to say be careful when approaching any bird with a dagger beak but particularly gannets: a fellow lost his eye a couple of years ago at Swansea beach when helping a downed gannet….high price to pay.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


It was not a particularly high tide this morning but nevertheless Bob and I saw a nice selection of birds from the hide overlooking the Breakwater fields:
2 rather distant Little Stints, 13 Black-tailed Godwits, a Green Sandpiper and an elegant little Wood Sandpiper.
Finally an Osprey was perched on one of the posts out on the saltings eating a fish.
Black-tailed Godwits
Green Sandpiper

Wood Sandpiper

Down the coast

Oh! for the exotic and abundant pleasures of the Dyfi estuary! In contrast, this morning, at Llanrhystud, it was rather.... Llanrhystudy. It started well; 50 Ringed Plovers flew south, there were a few Turnstones and Dunlin about, a Teal went past, 120 Linnets were near the car park. Then it all went quiet. Not a Med Gull or even a Wheatear to be seen.

Llyn Fanod

Yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon there were 43 Greylag Geese on and around Llyn Fanod. Also a single Mute Swan and a Great Black Backed Gull with a chick.