Wednesday, 28 June 2017

King Eider

We watched the King Eider from Aberaeron north car park this morning and then had very good views from the south beach car park from 12.30 - 1.00 as it headed off towards New Quay. I see from the previous post it made it's way back to Aberaeron shortly after.

King Eider still present

Me and my mum spotted the King Eider Duck between Aberaeron north car park and the harbour at 1.30pm today with help from some nice bird watchers from Somerset

thanks from Rebecca Williams

Waders at Ynys-hir

An amazing high tide roost today at Marian Mawr, the best I've seen in eight-years of watching, 50 waders of eight species, namely: black-tailed godwit 24, redshank 15, lapwing 4, oystercatcher 3, snipe 1, common sandpiper 1, little-ringed plover 1 and ruff 1. With a supporting case of tufted duck, teal and sand martins, not bad at all for a wet June afternoon!

Dave Anning

King Eider

The King Eider was again offshore from Aberaeron north beach at 11.30 this morning.

Cors Caron cuckoo

And another young 'un getting a bit wet fluttering into the soaking grass after bugs.  Some time since I've got this close to a juv and its stunning plumage.


 One of the young Wheatears at Tanybwlch this morning (and seen by Kev on Monday, without his camera!)

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

King Eider history

A similar looking individual was at Carnsore Point just across the Irish sea south of Rosslare so its probably the same bird.  Extraordinary so far from home.

King Eider - Aberaeron

The King Eider still showing well off north prom car park at 1545...

The King Eider

I spent a very pleasant morning watching the female King Eider off Aberaeron north beach, especially  when I was able to share it with John and Jill, then Arfon.  Andy also made a flying visit.
The bird drifted further out and to the north several times, but came back each time, on one occasion treating Arfon and me to a fly past.
It spent quite long periods feeding; pulling out a succession of small crabs, then having a good preen. Paul Mahiques turned up shortly before Arfon left: lets hope it stays around long enough for other people to enjoy this major rarity.


Harry had a good look at the bird at Aberaeron and decreed it a King Eider. Jill and I then dashed down there and had  good views and Arfon came back and also saw the bird. Here are two poor photos before Harry or others hopefully can add something better.